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A Year of Dermangelo – What I Learned

It’s hard to believe that one year ago, I decided to hang my digital shingle and launch this blog.  When I posted my humble first article about showering practices, part of me thought I’d just be shouting into the void of the internet.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my writing was well received and that so many people were eager to learn more about the science behind healthy skin.  A year later, I can’t imagine my life without this creative outlet.  It’s truly where “Dr. Landriscina, the skin doc” and Angelo, the person (and personality) meet and I’m so grateful I get to share my knowledge with you all in this way.

That said, I’ve learned so much from all of you in the last year.  While seeing patients in clinical practice gives me an intimate view of people’s beliefs about skin health, taking my skills online has taught me so much about how information travels, and where we’re headed next.  Here’s what I learned in my first year as Dermangelo.

The skincare community is big, and vibrant, and knows stuff!

One of the biggest surprises of the last year has been just how engaged the skincare community is!  Through my social media presence on Instagram and Twitter, I’ve gotten to engage with so many people that are passionate about skin science and beauty.  And they know their stuff!  I even found myself learning new things about topics ranging from hyaluronic acid to collagen supplements.  I’ve also made some legit friends in the process!

…but there’s still lots of misinformation out there.

Unfortunately, the internet and social media are still rife with misinformation, a lot of which stems from companies trying to sell more products, or outdated information that many still believe.  Going forward, I hope that I can continue to help set the record straight by using scientific evidence to elucidate the truth.

Medical conditions like acne and hair loss are hot topics!

I am overjoyed to see that the most sought-after topics on my blog are medical conditions like acne and hair loss.  This blog’s most-read article to date covers the effects of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) on the skin, a very important issue that millions struggle with. Seeing this has encouraged me to continue using my medical expertise to provide sound information on these topics!

…antiaging ain’t so popular though.

In probably the biggest shocker of the year, articles on skin aging, anti-aging strategies and even cosmetic procedures like botulinum toxin were the least popular on the blog.  While I haven’t let this discourage me and I plan to write more on these topics, their unpopularity probably reflects a change in our culture.  It indicates a shift in our standards of beauty – aging is a natural process that we all should embrace and more people want to age gracefully rather than straight up turn back the clock.  It also highlights the changing focus of skincare lovers from the  promise of “beauty” to an emphasis on healthy skin, first and foremost.

There’s still so much more to learn!

While I’m proud of all that I’ve been able to accomplish via this channel over the last year, there are still so many topics to cover and so much more to learn!  I’m looking forward to continuing my writing here and expanding this website as a resource for anyone with skin and I’m happy you’ve decided to join me!

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Special thanks to Julien Zeitouni for the portrait above!

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  • Khadija

    More anti aging posts would be awesome! I’m 38, didn’t take my skin into consideration “back in the day” and I loooooove that you bless me with so much knowledge and bc of this…I known it’s not late for me to get into the healthy skin game… great read, thank you!

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