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    Topical Minoxidil: What You Need to Know

    Minoxidil is, simply put, notorious.  There are few medications or active ingredients that are the subject of more misconceptions, rumors and misinformation.  Anybody who follows me on social media knows I love this stuff!  It’s the only over-the-counter medication we have that can provide substantial results for people suffering with hair loss.  While countless interactions with my patients have clued me in to the fact that many people are scared to try minoxidil, this pales in comparison to some of the comments I’ve seen on my social media posts.  “It’ll make you hair fall out!”  “It’s addictive!” “It doesn’t work!”  Research done by my colleague Dr. Julia Schwartz showed that…

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    (Hydroxy) Acid Trip

    In the 1970s, the dermatologic community embarked on a weird trip – I’m not talking about psychedelics, I’m talking about a trip inward – all the way to the dermis. That’s when researchers realized that hydroxy acids have wide-ranging benefits thanks to their ability to exert their effect at multiple levels of the skin. Since then, they’ve become one of the powerhouses of cosmeceuticals and cosmetic dermatology, and they’re seeing a revival among skincare junkies due to their ease of use and multiple benefits. Here’s what you need to know about Hydroxy acids!

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    The Truth About Parabens

    When it comes to skincare, some ingredient names are 4 letter words.  Over the last decade or so, parabens have become infamous due to conflicting claims about their safety.  Many product labels now tout that they are “paraben free” and many a skincare lover tries to avoid parabens at all costs.  Most of these aforementioned skincare junkies know that “parabens are bad for you,” but probably couldn’t tell you why though (rly y tho?).  Skincare companies have jumped on consumer concerns about parabens and used them as a marketing ploy.  However, in the process, we may have cleared the way for even more hazardous ingredients to become ubiquitous. Here’s the…