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    20 Easy Skincare Resolutions for 2020

    A new year—nay—a new decade, is upon us and I have something to say!  I’m tired of New Year’s resolutions with no substance – you know, the same weak promises that rear their ugly heads year after year like “drink more water” or “take better care of my skin.”  While making substantive improvements to your skin health in the next decade might seem elusive, it’s easy if you break it down to the basics.  Here are 20 super easy resolutions to try for 2020. 1. Wear SPF EVERY DAY! I know I’m required to say this as a dermatologist, but daily SPF provides a whole host of benefits including lowering…

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    PCOS and Your Skin

    Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) affects up to 12% of XX people in the US – that’s roughly 5 million! This is a multifaceted syndrome that can cause problems ranging from insulin resistance to irregular periods to infertility. However, some of the most visible signs of PCOS manifest on the skin.

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    My Own Experience on Isotretinoin (formerly Accutane)

    I’ve already shared via this blog just how much acne affected my young adult life.  The years I spent struggling to achieve clear skin are part of the reason I became a dermatologist.  During my teenage years, I tried every over the counter or holistic remedy I could find to little and sometimes counterproductive effect.  When all that failed, I sought out the help of a dermatologist.  I spent several years going from doctor to doctor trying various prescription medications including topical retinoids and antibiotics, and while my skin got better, nothing ever got me totally clear.  Even more frustrating was the fact that my breakouts were unpredictable, and that…

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    “Male Pattern Hair Loss” Doesn’t Just Affect Men and It’s Treatable

    There comes a time for every man when he realizes that his hairline is… slowly back back backing it up.  If you’re a man, and you haven’t realized this, I bet you will now.  How can I be so sure?  Most men’s frontal hairlines start to recede as soon as they hit puberty.  Our hair’s proclivity to react to changing hormone levels means that we will all lose hair as we get older, though it will happen at varying speeds and to varying degrees of baldness.  That’s why male pattern hair loss is considered a natural process – more of a trait than a true disorder.  It’s just one flavor…

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    Skincare for Acne: The Complete Guide

    By now, we all know how common a problem acne is, and skincare companies have also taken notice.  Each year, billions of dollars are spent in the hopes of finding the miracle product that will rid us of our blemishes.  While skincare often isn’t enough to treat acne on its own, having the right skincare habits can significantly help decrease the severity of acne or help to make an acne treatment regimen more tolerable.  Here’s your complete guide to skincare for acne. Cleansing This first step in skincare is often a favorite of acne sufferers.  It was definitely a favorite of mine as an acne-prone teenager.  I always felt that…

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    The Truth About Parabens

    When it comes to skincare, some ingredient names are 4 letter words.  Over the last decade or so, parabens have become infamous due to conflicting claims about their safety.  Many product labels now tout that they are “paraben free” and many a skincare lover tries to avoid parabens at all costs.  Most of these aforementioned skincare junkies know that “parabens are bad for you,” but probably couldn’t tell you why though (rly y tho?).  Skincare companies have jumped on consumer concerns about parabens and used them as a marketing ploy.  However, in the process, we may have cleared the way for even more hazardous ingredients to become ubiquitous. Here’s the…

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    Acne Myths and Facts

    I, like so many people, have struggled with acne for most of my life.  It started insidiously when I was a teenager, and then progressed to overtake most of my face and leave me with scars.  Back in those days I thought I could cleanse my way to clear skin. Countless TV and magazine ads had taught me that if I emulated any of a number of famous blonde ladies and splashed my face with a bunch of water that all would right itself.  Instead I ended up with irritated skin and a soaked bathroom.  As the years have gone on, I’ve been able to gain control of my acne. …

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    Hyaluronic Acid Could Be Your Hydration Hero

    We are in the midst of a hydration revolution! Over the last year, hyaluronic acid (HA) has become the “it” ingredient in skincare. While I remember using products rich in this now-ubiquitous ingredient over ten years ago, it’s enjoying a new spike in popularity. The catchy claim that this ingredient can “hold 1000 times its weight in water” fits in perfectly with the dewy, glow-obsessed moment we’re having right now. However, most HA users know little to nothing about its origins or cosmetic uses. Here’s what you need to know about hyaluronic acid.

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    How Do Our Faces Change Over Time?

    I love people watching.  There’s something about observing strangers from a distance and making up outlandish stories about what their lives must be like that I find quite fun.  Whether playing games like this or just simply walking down the street, many of us see thousands of faces per day, developing a sophisticated sort of facial recognition.  This mechanism of the mind takes a snapshot that we likely don’t give a second thought to, but I’d challenge you to realize this: for each face we see, our minds automatically assign an age.  Of course, we don’t realize that it’s happening, but all of our minds are crunching the numbers for…

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    Collagen Supplements Might Actually Work

    If you know me, you know how I feel about a lot of the claims made about dietary supplements.  As we know, the regulation of supplements is fairly lax when compared to actual medications.  Because of this, they don’t have to go through rigorous trials to prove their effectiveness before making it to the market.  However, this doesn’t stop people from using them in droves.  One such supplement is collagen. Like Hansel, collagen supplementation is so hot right now. Lately, I feel as if I’ve been bombarded with ads about it from social media to the subway and beyond.  People seem to be downing collagen pills and drinks like mimosas…